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Auckland Osteopaths

We can help you get back your regular life with our Care

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Temporary Joining Dysfunction

Joint dysfunction can cause too much pain and for a long time. Our Osteopath services can help you recover!

Strain Injury

Osteopathy will make sure that you are fit and every muscle of your body is functional. Consult your doctors today!

Sports Injuries
for Athlets

Osteopathy is not a complete treatment but a technical way of pain relief. This can help you recover from muscle injuries.

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Dr. Lisa Weintriks


Dr. Rajveer Shant


Dr. Helen Stimuks


Dr. Carlos Dawnip

About Auckland Osteopaths

At Auckland Osteopaths, We try to give the finest treatment to our patients. We know how important it is for people. The process of osteopathy can be pretty complicated. But the primary approach is to relieve pain. And we try our best to provide the best solution.

Why Choose Us

We are honest about your situation. Our experts are experienced and always has the proper solution to your problem. We will use every necessary equipment for your aid.

Our experts are experienced and certified. So be sure to get the best treatment out of them. It’ll all be well if you follow the instructions. To heal completely, you need to take care of your medication and diet as well.

The treatments of patients don’t depend on pricing or any other criteria. It will be done purely based on your situation. We will provide you with an estimation of the cost before you start. You will be notified from the start to avoid any confusion.

We believe body and mind together do the healing. So we will always focus on that. It can be a difficult situation you are recovering from, so we will try our best to provide you with comfort. It can be from pain or the trauma itself.

Again, we perform osteopathy. It’s a form of physical therapy. We will need your full cooperation to accomplish it.

Whenever you feel it is not working for you, talk to us. Our experts will change your regime or the medications. We will make sure that our instructions do not collide with your ongoing treatment. This is about pain relief. And the Aucklandosteopaths will focus on that.

For our community:

It is our ultimate intention that we work for this great city and its residents. Our location is in a convenient place in Auckland with all the necessary facilities. We make sure to provide an excellent service to our community.



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Contact us for anything you want to know! We are happy to answer any questions you have as quickly as possible.